Case Study: Disaster Recovery

CLIENT TYPE: Managed IT Services

COMPANY SIZE: 30-50 employees

SECTOR: Mining

ISSUE: Malicious Insider

Imagine that one day you come into the office and everything is down. You are unable to access your file servers, unable to access QuickBooks, and unable to make inbound and outbound phone calls. Your business has come to a screeching halt. You quickly reach out to your current managed IT service provider for help. They discover that your company has become a victim to a cyber-attack. The attackers have locked you out of every system and you discover that all of your files are encrypted. Your current IT provider attempts to recover your systems, but after a week of trying, they decide to throw in the towel and give up. In a panic, you Google another managed IT provider and discover Quantum IT Group. You give them a call hoping that they can get your company back online, even if the solution is temporary.

When we received our first phone call from *Confidential Company*, we immediately jumped in to help get them back online. We quickly discovered that the previous IT provider was not storing proper backups, not properly securing the system, and did not have any plans in place to help a company in this situation. Quantum IT Group immediately implemented their small business disaster recovery plan for *Confidential Company*. This included a quick and thorough investigation, a short-term solution to get our new customer back online, data recovery to retrieve as much old data as we could, and permanently moving them over to our secure systems so we can properly manage and monitor everything. As we began our initial investigation, we had discovered that not only had *Confidential Company* been a victim to an encryption attack, they had been a victim to at least three or four encryption attacks. This meant the chance of data recovery was slim, but we were not as easily deterred as the previous IT provider was.

As we continued our investigation and began to implement our solution, we discovered that the previous IT provider had created several rogue admin accounts and had several backdoors into *Confidential Company’s* system. The previous IT provider was upset they had lost their customer and attempted to wreak havoc on *Confidential Company* and Quantum IT Group as we tried to help. They quickly locked every user out of the system, began accessing confidential company data, and attempted to lock us out as well. The previous IT provider began asking for money in exchange for cooperation. Thankfully, our expert technicians and security experts were promptly able to regain access, lock out these malicious attackers and further secure the system.

In less than two days, Quantum IT Group was able to get *Confidential Company* back up and running. We replaced their insecure, outdated phone system with our newer, secure system. We quickly recreated their file servers in our private data center and were able to recover all of their important data. We designed their new system in a way that guarantees a more secure and safe environment. We immediately began implementing proper backups of all of their data and added multi-factor authentication to every user account. At the same time, we continued our investigation into the malicious attacks by the previous IT provider. Our thorough investigation allowed us to hand over evidence to our new customer. Thanks to our investigation and the evidence found, they were able to pursue legal action against their previous IT provider for committing cyber-attacks against them.

In conclusion, Quantum IT Group was able to provide a secure and reliable solution to our new customer that allowed them to focus on growing their business, all while decreasing their overall IT cost.

How can Managed IT help your business?

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