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Quantum IT Group provides expert level services and support to SMB and startups.

By partnering with the most innovative companies, such as Microsoft, Amazon, HP, AT&T, and Ubiquiti, our customers are guaranteed the best, cutting-edge services available.

Give your company the freedom to succeed by outsourcing your IT needs to Quantum IT.

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Core Services


By outsourcing your business to the cloud, you can create a dependable environment that allows for rapid scalability. Quantum IT offers a wide variety of cloud services to help your business succeed.


No matter what preventative measures are taken, a cyber attack is just around the corner. By using cutting-edge security solutions, Quantum IT offers expert level security to help you remain secure.


Communication is vital to every business. VoIP is a cost-effective, secure, and dependable solution for the modern business. Quantum IT offers multiple VoIP solutions that allow your business to grow.

Data Backup

Data is the crux of every business. Without sufficient backups, you risk a loss of business. Quantum IT can provide a disaster contingency plan by using our secure data backup and recovery services.