Core IT Services

Managed IT Services

Technology changes at a lightning-fast pace and it can be difficult to keep up with. Our affordable and reliable managed services offer a wide range of benefits to your growing business.


By outsourcing your business to the cloud, you can create a dependable environment that allows for rapid scalability. Quantum IT offers a wide variety of cloud services to help your business succeed.


No matter what preventative measures are taken, a cyber attack is just around the corner. By using cutting-edge security solutions, Quantum IT offers expert level security to help you remain secure.


Communication is vital to every business. VoIP is a cost-effective, secure, and dependable solution for the modern business. Quantum IT offers multiple VoIP solutions that allow your business to grow.

Data Backup

Data is the crux of every business. Without sufficient backups, you risk a loss of business. Quantum IT can provide a disaster contingency plan by using our secure data backup and recovery services.

Managed Network

Setting up, managing, and troubleshooting a network is always easier said than done. With our secure dashboard, we are able to remotely manage and troubleshoot your network so that your business operations remain uninterrupted.

Hosted Exchange

Email is often the core means of communication for most businesses. With Quantum IT's hosted Exchange, we provide a secure and user-friendly way of accessing your inbox.

Work From Home Solutions

Working from home is becoming a more common practice. Quantum IT offers custom work from home solutions that can be deployed upon request.

Give your company the freedom to succeed.